Fairytale Friends

Making your fairytale a reality


These girls are rotten to the core! These daughters of famous villains would love to add some magic to your next party or event!


Alice came straight from Wonderland and arrived at Fairytale Friends! She can't wait to come to your birthday party! Of course she won't be late for YOUR very important date!


Due to scheduling, different girls may play different characters

The Glass Slipper Princess has a wonderful story that was first published in 1812, She is a very inspirational princess and loves to share her love with everyone.

Glass Slipper Princess

The Ice Princess is the happy go lucky sister of The snow queen! She is always up for fun and games and often accompanies The Snow Queen at parties!

Ice Princess

This beautiful princess is popular for her 70 feet of beautiful hair! She was first introduced in 1812 and has become popular of her fun spirit and gorgeous looks ever since!

Adventure Princess

The Beauty Princess originates from a story written in 1740. She has become a great role model to young girls ever since. She would love to grace your next party with her sweet spirit and her kind heart!

Beauty Princess

The Snow Queen was first introduced in 1845 in an exciting fairytale. She would love to create a magical experience at your next event! She will captivate you and leave you with memories to cherish forever!​

The Snow Queen

Our Sea and Land Princess is based off of a fairytale written in 1837 and she has become very popular in the years since. She would love to swim on over to your next party!

Sea and land princess

Meet the princesses that could be at your future event!