Fairytale Friends

Making your fairytale a reality


Our Sea and Land Princess has fun wherever she goes!

This little princess sure knows how to give warm hugs!

Our princesses LOVE traveling from their kingdoms to  elementary schools to read!

Princess Beauty loves twirling in her beautiful gown!

When the Snow Sisters are away from their kingdom, you can always catch them at a party!

The Snow Queen loves doing princesses makeup!

It's always extra special when the Snow Queen gets to meet her mini-mes!

So many princesses were amazed by Rapunzel's hair!

Little princesses tell some of the BEST stories!

Reading to little princesses is one of these sisters favorite things to do!

The party guest are always mesmerized when the Snow Queen sings!

Some tiny princesses are so shocked seeing their favorite characters come to life!

This prince loved talking with his new friends, The Snow Queen, Sea and Land Princess, and Beauty Princess!

This beautiful girl loved the dresses the princesses wore at the GiGi's playhouse Fun Run!

The Sea and Land Princess and The Snow Queen enjoyed another successful year at the 2016 Night Eyes event!

We met tons of new friends at the Blank Park Zoo! 

Our princesses love to go with their friends to parties and events! When you book with us, at least two princesses will always be at your special day!

The Snow Queen always brings magic to the parties she attends!

The Ice Princess loved meeting little princesses at Lincoln and Lexi! (Photo: www.lincolnandlexi.com )

The best kind of hug is one from a princess!!! (Photo: www.lincolnandlexi.com )

The snow Queen enjoys singing her favorite songs at parties, and the guest enjoy dancing!

The Princesses posing for a photo at the Blank Park Zoo Dream Night Event!