Fairytale Friends

Making your fairytale a reality


1. What is a Princess Party?

     A Princess Party is a special event where the princesses of Fairytale Friends can attend a birthday or celebration in a child's life in order to make it a little more magical! The princesses will provide many games, activities, and entertainment for the child and their guests. 

2. I want to have Fairytale Friends princesses come to a different kind of event. Is that possible?

    Of course!! Fairytale Friends is very open to come to any type of event! Instead of going through the booking portion of the website, it is recommended that these different types of events are scheduled through our email address found on our Contact Us page!

3. How does the party flow?

     We ask that the party start at least 15 minutes before the princesses arrive in order for us to make a grand entrance for the guests! From then on, there will be a constant flow of games, activities and excitement. Everything that happens at the party depends on the package bought and the certain conditions of the party itself. We also ask that we will be able to leave shortly before the party ends in order to keep the magic alive for the children! Be assured that there will always be entertainment for your guests and they will have a great time!

4. How are adults involved in the party?

     Adults are very involved! Many parents enjoy watching the parties just as much as the children! Although we will be providing the entertainment, the parents and adults will be there to help assist. We ask that if there is a problem that arises with the children, that the parents will intervene so the princesses can continue along with the party! 

5. How should my guests be dressed?

       We strongly encourage the guests to be in their princess attire! It will help with the party have a royal atmosphere and the princess dress will be involved in many activities!

6.  How much space do you need?

     We will need a generous amount of space for the party. If you have a living room space, it might be a good idea for the couches to be pushed up against the wall to provide this space. We also will need a table to do crafts and games on. There will be a photo opportunity during the party so there will need to be a space for a backdrop to be hung up on the wall.

7. When is payment due? How will it be collected?

    There will be a deposit of $50.00, sent immediately after the party is booked to hold the date and time of your party. The full amount will be due 24 hours before the party. An invoice will be sent to you for the deposit and full amount through Pay Pal. 

8. How do cancellations work? Do you have a refund policy?

     You are able to cancel your party if another conflict comes up prior to 24 hours before the party. Your deposit will not be refunded as it was used to hold your time and date. 

9. How much set up time do you need?

        We will bring Ladies-in-Waiting (assistants) to each party! While the princesses are starting the party, they will be setting up anything the princesses need and then will be assisting with the rest of the party.

10. Can photos/videos be taken?

        Yes! They are encouraged! We want you to have many memories of the party! Don't forget to share them with us on our Facebook page! We also have a photographer for a  small extra fee if you would rather enjoy the party and all the pictures will be given to you on an SD card.

11. What do parents need to provide?

        We ask that the parents stay with the party at all times. We will need you to tell us how many people will be at the party and the age of the children, If you can provide us front row parking to your home, it would be greatly appreciated. The most important things we ask is that there is a clean and smoke free environment free of pets, food, and drink

12. Can boys attend the party?

       Yes of course! Boys are more than welcome at the party and we will make sure to have them feel included. We will need to know before hand if there will be a male guest in order to make accommodations.

13. Do the princesses do volunteer work?

      FairyTale Friends is very involved in the community and we love to volunteer and make a difference. We feel it is very important and it is something we love to do!

14. Who is included in the 8 kids per party?

​          Any children who are actively participating in the games and activities (including the birthday child) count towards the 8 kids. We always love having more children involved, however most of our games and activities are planned with 8 children in mind. If you would like extra children involved, we ask that you pay an extra fee of $10/ per child to accommodate for the extra supplies needed.


Read before booking a party to make your event even more magical!